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may be available.) 



We are here to help make finding your ideal birth team as simple, stress-free, and informed as possible.  

Our team of Liaisons all come from a background in birth or postpartum care. The following is just a basic list of the care and assistance you would receive from one of our passionate Liaisons. Emotional and informational support rank as our #1 priority. 

  • Continuous care from conception through recovery, no matter how frequently you move. 

  • Explanation of the differences in care options, support options, and available resources.

  • Work to find services within the budget or using the insurance your family has available.

  • Locate prenatal care for each appointment, regardless of how often your location changes or how many miles you travel. 

  • Match your care providers' services to the type of care you prefer.

  • Provide links, documents, virtual books, classes, and other resources on topics related to your pregnancy, delivery, and newborn. 

  • Unbiased and evidence based information. Non-judgmental genuine support.

  • Increase the sense of community surrounding the mobile lifestyle, especially while pregnant and parenting. This can reduce the sense of loneliness and the chances of some postpartum mood disorders. 

  • Reduction in stress level when planning care, support, and additional pregnancy or newborn related services. 

  • Several In-house services to meet your needs.  

  • Discounts to members of certain traveling communities, military, and existing clients. 

Knowing that you have extra support in your corner as the cities and states change from month to month can alleviate a great amount of stress during any pregnancy. We are not only here to take some of the workload off the planning stages, but to help support your options and decisions along the way as well. 

Basic outline of the services you can expect 

We offer a free 30 minute interview to all parents wanting more information about Support For Your Birth. During this phone call, we will:

  • Explain Support For Your Birth and the packages or options available

  • Discuss your family's current prenatal or parenting needs and anticipated plans

  • Answer questions about services and go over the benefits as they relate to your circumstances

  • Gather contact information and explain any follow-up steps.

Once the initial interview is complete, you will be emailed a Client - Liaison Agreement, invoice or PayPal link, and a link to complete the client information intake. This intake allows us to keep all of your information in one safe spot that only our team of Liaisons can review. 

You will be sent an email to schedule your in-depth consultation once we have received your signed contract, payment, and completed client intake. This email typically comes between 2-3 business days after everything is received. We take that time to review the information you sent, clear the payment, and connect you with your personal Liaison. 

During a scheduled in-depth phone consultation, we'll discuss any past birth experience and prenatal care to this point. We'll go over what kind of care you would like to receive for this pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery and any additional support professionals you want included on your ideal team. We need to know any special medical details, geographical plans/concerns, financial limitations, and specific desires in order to connect you with professionals that meet your needs. We will clarify this information and anything else on your client intake, as well as answer questions you may have with more detail than during the initial interview. Once we have this information, we can begin to send you contact details for the professionals that match your criteria. If you are uncertain about various services or options, we can send you reliable resources to further your knowledge on those topics so that you can make an educated decision.

Your Liaison will touch base with you regularly throughout the months of service outlined in the contract or Client - Liaison Agreement, depending on services utilized. Mutual communication regarding your travel arrangements, care needs, appointment updates, etc. are not only crucial to making sure we are able to provide you with the services you expect, but also beneficial to your overall care. 

More information about the services, packages, and benefits that Support For Your Birth can offer during your pregnancy and first few months with your newborn can be found on our Services page and discussed more during your interview and consultation. We would love the opportunity to work with you during this adventure! 


Whether you are traveling for work, family, recreation, or another reason, we can assist you in finding the care you need along your changing route. Communication with our team about your needs and travel schedule is all we need from you in order to connect you with your potential resources at your next location. We will follow up with you on a set schedule to make sure you are connecting with the professionals that meet your criteria. Your designated "Liaison" will be available to you by email and phone. 



 Multiples (twins, triplets, etc) 

 Water birth 

 Family Centered Cesarean 

 Military / Deployment 


 State / Government Aid 

 Infant Loss / Previous Loss 

 Mobile / Rural availability