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may be available.) 



We want to connect professionals with families that seek the type of services they offer. We provide our listed professionals with the opportunity to reach a greater audience. Our listed professionals receive updates on upcoming nationwide events, training opportunities, CEU's available, and more. Direct advertising and sponsoring opportunities are available throughout the year. Additional "behind the scenes" support for our listed professionals and networking opportunities will also be available soon. 



We are excited to offer additional opportunities to professionals that want to further their training, expand their business, or get started as a birth professionals in the first place! Mentoring, internships, classes, events, and so much more to help you expand your skills.


If you are a seasoned professional that wishes to provide any of the above resources to other birth workers, please be sure to let us know when you have your interview!




The annual fee required to have your business or services added on our virtual resource list covers the following:

  • Your business information will be sent directly to clients seeking your services.

  • Advertising on social media, blog posts, live interviews, and newsletters. 

  • Gathering reviews from clients to be shared with future prospective clients.

  • First to know about additional sponsoring opportunities for live and virtual events held by Support For Your Birth.

  • Updates about events nationwide that pertain to topics you requested.**

  • Training and CEU opportunities nationwide.**

  • Opportunities for professionals to continue their work while becoming a traveling family. 

  • Assistance in growing business - while traveling or stationary. 

  • We are working on additional networking and support opportunities for our professionals. 

The only additional fees associated with your listing is a finders fee and event sponsoring opportunities. These finder fees are on a case-by-case, per service basis so that you are confident that it fits the interest of your business. We will discuss these fees in detail during your listing interview. 

**Still in the early phases. NOTE: Nationwide events, training, CEU Opportunities suggested by Support For Your Birth may require a registration fee, entry fee, etc. by the company hosting the event. We are working on discount opportunities for our listed professionals.

We want our clients to have the options they need as they travel the United States.


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