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We pride ourselves in the work we do for the families we assist and the professionals we work with. We always appreciate the positive words of review and the constructive words for progress. Both are crucial to our success and ability to serve our communities. We appreciate you entrusting us and we are grateful for all reviews submitted. 


“Kristi is very personal. We were so thankful for her ability to find different midwives for us to see as we crossed the country when our daughter was expecting her 1st child. She helped us coordinate and even answered questions regularly and in a timely manner when there were concerns. I can't even imagine our daughter doing this birth without Kristi's constant support!”

J.S. - Fulltime Traveler

"Kristi provides an unbeatable service to full-time [traveling] moms who are expecting! She has taken all of the stress out of being pregnant and on the road for me. She always finds me great providers in extremely small amounts of time. I'm so thankful I found her, I definitely wouldn't want to do this without her! Also, any questions our concerns I have she is always just a phone call or text away! I will be using Kristi for any future births as well and I wish I had her support for the last 4."

A.B. - Fulltime Traveler

“Kristi's whole heart is very much in her work. Her passion for women's health and the art of mothering is immeasurable. I highly recommend her as a doula and birth educator.”

S. Saunders (Midwife)

“I met Kristi through my mom and we added each other from there. She helped me so much through my pregnancy, whenever I had a question or concern I messaged her and she always got back to me right away. She didn't get to be with me for my birth because we both travel but if I have another little one I'll be stalking her so I can go completely through her next time.”

A.S. - Fulltime Traveler

“Kristi is amazing beyond words and she will always have a place in our hearts. From the moment I first talked to her on the phone I knew she was the doula for me. She is so knowledgeable in many areas and you can just hear the passion she has for her job. Not only was she absolutely amazing throughout the birthing process but she has been a huge encouragement and support before and after as well. She helped me to have the experience I desired and helped me stay positive and fight for my natural birth. Being a first time mom everything was new to me and she has been there to answer ALL my questions. Hands down this woman is amazing and I will forever consider her a friend.”